Six reasons you should start coworking in Cincinnati

Six reasons you should start coworking in Cincinnati

Freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and creatives in Cincinnati (and around the country) are all catching on — coworking is the new way to elevate your work ethic.

Gone are the days of nestling up on your couch or in your home office. Distractions abound with children, yard work or an afternoon nap all calling your name. Also in the past: your local Starbucks. Free WiFi has made it an easy place to call “home base” for the past few years, but how long can you stay comfortable in the same coffee shop?

Enter coworking. On one-hand coworking space isn’t completely new. Just look at what’s happened with WeWork — the startup focused on creative coworking spaces has raised over $4 billion to date and announced a monster acquisition of this winter. But on the other hand, it’s tried and true. This type of movement doesn’t happen (and continue to happen) without it working.

Coworking is not a flash-in-the-pan. It’s the way people work in 2017 and beyond. Here’s the six reasons you should start doing the same.



Perhaps the most obvious benefit to entering a coworking space — networking. It’s certain, when you make the commitment to a dedicated coworking space, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the same type of motivated people like yourself.

When you sure-up in your home, you’re eliminating the opportunity to meet new faces that could help to elevate your business. When you reside in a local coffee shop, you’re sequestering yourself to a market that attracts a bucket of people far wider than you may anticipate. It’s coffee dates, afternoon breaks, meetups and not quite enough meaningful work.

Narrow your focus and put yourself in a network of people just like you.


Join a community

Speaking of this “network” of like-minded individuals… isn’t it time you joined one?

The Harvard Business Review agrees, the sense of community is one of the biggest reasons people join a coworking space. When you commit to a space, you’re committing to the people around you. These are new faces to chat with, to bounce ideas off of or attend an event with.

Events frequent in some coworking spaces (Union Hall being one of them). They keep the rotation of visitors fresh and serve as a great way to sharpen your knowledge across different practices. And, of course, events are fun.

Check it out: Union Hall has a Lecture Series of its own, this month’s is Beer 101


Have control over your space

Coffee shops are not open 24/7. Coworking spaces are.

When you make the commitment to your coworking space, you’ll get a key that allows to come in, set up and get to work any hour of the day. The space is yours — and it will feel that way.

Coworking spaces are structured to accommodate a large variety of work styles. Some areas encourage collaboration. Others are a quiet nook. Some can be configured for an event. This level of flexibility means that you’re not stuck with the same office in your basement or desk in the corner of the library.


Complete more meaningful work

As the Harvard Business Review found in their study of coworking, “unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects.”

When you step into a coworking space, you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals. The isolation that comes with working at home or tucked away in a public space doesn’t lead to as much inspiration. And on the other hand, you’re not stuck in a big office building from the corporate world you might be trying to avoid.

Again, as the Harvard Business Review states, “because there is little direct competition or internal politics, they don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in.”


Save the money

As you’ll find with most coworking spaces, there’s deals to be found. With low monthly or annual memberships, you’ll find that the cost per square foot of coworking is often in the 75th percentile or higher. Union Hall, for example, costs just $0.04 per square foot with its $1,000 annual fee that grants residents to 38,000 sq. feet of coworking space.

Also, it’s time for you to recoup those coffee costs. Lets just say you spend $4 on a latte every weekday that you head to a coffee shop each year. That has the potential to add up to over $1,000 worth of coffee in a calendar year (plus a few more you may spot for a client).

Check out a space like Union Hall… You’re coffee and tea are free here.


Use of amenities

Last, think about a co-working space as the extension of the tools you operate with. The second you sign up for a co-working space, you DO have a printer to use. You DO have 500mbps fiber internet download speeds. You DO have a business mailing address.

Anywhere you feel like your home office isn’t quite cutting it, look for a co-working space to supplement it. Sure, you’ll get the bulk of your membership out of the time you spend working in the building… but don’t limit your benefits right there.

It goes much further too, think of all the money you’ll (albiet slowly) over time in just using a different space — toilet paper and water isn’t free at home!


Ready to get to work?

Get in contact with our co-working space manager, Laura Hughes, who would be more than happy to show you around the space, let you know what’s new and get you working smarter right away.